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Foundation Repair Fort Worth



Affordable Foundation Repair Fort Worth

We provide affordable prices for foundation repair and house leveling services in Fort Worth, TX.

Foundation Repair Fort Worth

Foundation repair is the process of lifting, leveling, or stabilizing the foundation with foundation piers or other foundation repair solutions after the foundation settles or moves.

Foundation movement and settling occurs when there are changes in the moisture in the soil due to water/sewage leaks or drought conditions, and tend to cause foundation settling cracks to form in the concrete, in the sheetrock, and in the masonry walls. These foundation settling cracks should not be repaired until the foundation repair is complete.

Foundation Repair Methods Fort Worth

In most foundation repair methods, holes are dug around the concrete foundation allowing the foundation repair crew to install the foundation piers under the house foundation. This is true of most types of piers. After the holes are dug, the foundation piers are pressed into the soil until they reach the point of rejection. The point of rejection is the point where the pier will not press any further into the soil and begins to lift the foundation. At this point, the foundation is lifted to level and shimmed in place to hold the foundation level at the grade. Then the holes for each foundation pier are filled in with the dirt.

Fixing foundation settling cracks Fort Worth

After the foundation repair, you can repair the foundation settling cracks. The settling cracks in the brick and mortar will require matching the mortar. To match mortar for mortar repair and brick repair, you need to have the mortar tested. Mortar testing and analysis are used to determine the mortar type and formula. Then a mortar color match can be made, and the exact formula for making a matching mortar. AMR Labs provides mortar analysis, mortar matching, mortar repair products, and brick repair products including bags of custom mortar.

Fort Worth TX Foundation Repair

We provide foundation repair services and foundation inspections in Fort Worth TX areas.


Foundation Inspections Fort Worth

Foundation Inspection

Fort Worth Foundation Inspection or House Inspection (Estimates)
During the inspection of your house foundation, we inspect the whole home and determine if and where foundation piers are needed to level the foundation and home. Unlike most Fort Worth foundation repair companies and engineers, we will not be rushing through this process using fancy tools. This process can take some time to complete and will likely take most of the day for an average size house or all day for larger homes.
$1,200.00 for most homes (excessively large homes or businesses will cost more)

Foundation Repair/Leveling Services Fort Worth

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Fort Worth
Most Fort Worth foundation repair projects for houses fall into our minimum price for mobilizing. This is based on a pier minimum rate. Beyond that, it is simply priced per pier.
$3,200.00 minimum or $600.00 per pier (internal piers will be priced by requirements)